• Geyser Peak - 2005 Block Collection Sparkling Shiraz

    This wine features aromas of pepper and spice, elements of blueberry, blackberry and vanilla, and a total explosion of bubbles. Sparkling Shiraz now has an avid following throughout Australia, and is, for many families, an essential element of holiday celebrations, and a traditional accompaniment to roast turkey and cranberry sauce. (Wine Lover's Tip: Shiraz and Syrah are the same type of wine)

  • Gary Farrell Wines - 2006 Chardonnay - Russian River Valley

    This 2006 Russian River Chardonnay features aromas of apple, honeysuckle and pineapple, with rich flavors of citrus, butterscotch, nutmeg and hazelnut. This pairs nicely with rich, creamy cheeses, salads with citrus fruits and seafood dishes like our baked tilapia recipe.

  • Geyser Peak Winery - 2005 Merlot, Alexander Valley

    True to its reputation this is a soft and fruity wine that is likable for its pleasing cherry fruit and notes of mocha and plum making it a versatile food wine that will complement the gusto of our tomatoes stuffed with herb garlic bread crumbs recipe.

  • Buena Vista -2007 Carneros Pinot Noir

    The 2007 Pinot Noir Carneros has aromas of bright bing cherry, fresh ground nutmeg and earthy wild mushroom. The taste features blackberry and plum fruit with undertones of sweet mocha and clove. Perfectly balanced and paired with our delicious stuffed mushroom recipe.

  • Columbia Winery - 2007 Red Willow Sangiovese

    Beautiful ruby red color with flavors of cherries and spice. The natural acidity of Sangiovese lends itself to pairing with tomato-based cuisines such as Bruschetta and our Sausage and Red Pepper Sandwich recipe.

  • Geyser Peak - Cabernet Sauvignon

    Cabernet Sauvignon has bright red and black fruit flavors which pair well with the dark fruity character of black olives. A wonderful complement to our Herbed Cream Cheese on Toasts recipe that features olive tapenade.

  • XYZin - 2007 Zinfandel, 10 Year Old Vine

    This juicy wine has tastes of strawberry, plums, dark cherries and mulberries that is balanced by flavors of sandalwood, fresh bay leaf, and chocolate. Zinfandel pairs beautifully with tangy, savory, and tomato-based dishes such as our Bruschetta on Multi-Grain toasts recipe.

  • Covey Run - 2006 Gewurztraminer

    Gewurztraminer can be savored on its own or matched with many types of food. We particularly like pairing this wine with spicy foods such as our Raspberry Chipotle Gourmet Crouton recipe, as it cools the heat of the food and complements the intense and exotic flavors.