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Who (or What) is Milton? Mystery Solved!

by The Bakers on June 16, 2011 · 2 comments

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Why are we called Milton’s?  Who is Milton?  Person, Place, or Thing? There are many questions and surprising coincidences (cue mysterious sounding sci-fi music) revolving around the origins of the name Milton, in Milton’s Baking Company.

The Theories:

#1) One theory is that we are named after the 1600’s era English poet John Milton who was born on Bread Street in London, and is best known for his epic poem Paradise Lost.

#2) Keeping with the English theme, it is rumored that we started in Milton Keynes outside of London where there are historic markets that are still active today.

#3) Another theory is that we are named after the town of Milton in Massachusetts where crackers are said to have been invented by Josiah Bent in 1801 to feed sailors, soldiers, and pioneers on their long voyages.

The Truth:

Milton’s Restaurant and Delicatessen ® was founded in Del Mar California by two friends from Chicago, David Levy and Barry Robbins  in 1995. The restaurant would bake bread for their sandwiches and customers began to ask, “Where can I buy this bread?” Thus began Milton’s Baking Company.

The friends were guided by a strong and principled man, David’s father Milton. David shares that, “Milton inspired us to be the best we could be, in business and in life. He taught us to set high standards and strive for new levels of excellence and never to be satisfied unless our customers were.” One day Milton stopped offering suggestions and advice to them, when asked why, Milton simply stated, “You’re finally doing things right.”

Our founders will never forget what Milton taught them, and today our bakers still follow the same principles of excellence. This Father’s Day, we honor all of our fathers and father figures in our lives who give us love, advice, and the reassurance we need to grow and, hopefully, pass on to our children someday.  So keep up the good work Dads!  Your love and guidance means the world to us!

To learn more about Milton’s Restaurant or to go enjoy a delicious meal there yourself please visit

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Terry Lynn Laucis September 3, 2011 at 6:16 am

I took some of your Corn Bread Snack Crackers to my mothers nursing home.

The residents loved them. The Dominican Sisters who run Rosary Hill Home in Justice, Illinois put some cream cheese on them and serve them as a snack.

It was a huge hit! They are so very tasty. I am now on a mission to get all the flavors for the Home to try out. I was so pleased to find so many flavors! Try them !


The Bakers September 6, 2011 at 7:56 am

So happy to hear how much you all have enjoyed them! Thank you so much for sending that wonderful testimonial.


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